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Sleep is an activity that allows both our mind and body to recharge for the next day. It regulates your body and is known as one of the most important bodily functions, allowing our body to stay healthy and function properly. In your sleep, neurotransmitters, a type of Nerve-signaling chemical, act on different groups of nerve cells controlling whether we sleep or wake up as well as which stage of sleep we experience. The product I’ve created is an app that desires to optimize each stage of sleep through the optimization of their sleeping environment, aiming to get as much benefits from each stage and helping users get more desirable and restful sleep.

Nap time's operating principle

The way Nap time operates is actually quite simple. Shown through this simple flowchart diagram, first, the BME280 temperature sensor records the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. The ESP32 chip will then interpret the data and send it to both the android phone and data tracking spreadsheet. The built-in phone luminosity sensor sends the data directly to the phone which will then send all three data aspects to the app. The app is also further connected to the spreadsheet so each time data is sent through to the phone, it will be recorded in the same spreadsheet.

Data and Analysis

From the study conducted, its clearly indicated the. Throughout the studies, the multiple days conducted, its clearly observed that on extremities, both higher and lower temperature seem to be detrimental towards both REM and deep sleep, having decreased consistent deep and rem sleep with increased wakefulness. In a further conversation that was conducted after the study, with the volunteer, it was pointed out the increase in feeling of wakefulness while asleep and feeling of restlessness the next day when woken up.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Currently, what has been made is a foundation, a simple embodiment of my idea and concept to help with those having trouble sleeping. The current app could be considered quite basic as of currently but has helped with multiple provings towards my understanding of sleep. I plan to further develop this app, improving its design, adding more features, and building up on the current features. Ideas I have in mind include connecting the app and sensor to a sleep tracker, or even, make a device out of what has already been made. There are many ways to go in this project and I hope to further develop it in the future.

In this work, Nathanael July's work is to make an application to track a sleep behavior.

Sleep and Environmental Monitoring System App Development


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