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About Applied Science Academy

Science is more than just knowledge. It is the law and order behind the fabric of our universe. To put it simple, it is about understanding how things work in this beautiful world that God has created. By understanding how things work, we can then carry out creative efforts to make new things and new technologies for the benefit of our society. The process of figuring things out is also known as research.

In the Applied Science Academy, students are immersed in research-based activities in highly interdisciplinary fields driven by their curiosity. We strongly believe in the benefits of research-based learning. It builds character, good time management habit, teaches self-learning skills and determination. In research, failure is truly the beginning of success. It is from these experiments, great discovery emerges.

ASA is an after school program where students get to perform free exploration guided under experienced mentor with full laboratory access to the school's facility and with our partner institutions. Several of our past students' research have been published in international journal or presented in international symposium. Together we look for dissemination opportunities of our students work that will benefit the students best, thereby equipping them with deserved prestige when they are ready to apply for university later.

1. Eligible for Sekolah Pelita Harapan LV grade 10-12 students.

2. Proactively engage in weekly discussions with mentors.

3. Maintain excellent performance in regard to class subjects.

4. Be respectful to mentors.

5. Apply and go through an interview evaluation process.

6. Keep an online log book of their activities and have it available to mentors.

7. Prioritize and be wise on afterschool activity schedules. Students who overly commit to too many other afterschool activity may not gain optimal benefit of the program.

8. Present their work in the annual Applied Science Academy Exhibition at the end of the school year.

9. Parents must sign and agree to the students' participation in the program.

10. Time commitment of 2-4 hours per week outside of school hours working on their projects.

11. Available to travel to external labs when necessary.

Member Eligibility and Expectations.

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The Applied Science Academy at Sekolah Pelita Harapan LV aims to be at the forefront of investing in the empowerment of our younger generations starting from high school levels by providing an authentic research environment in areas that the student is passionate about. In the Academy, students work with mentors from different areas of research, such as biotechnology, advanced physics, robotics, data science, pharmacy, alternative energy, and many more.

Eden Steven, Ph.D

ASA Director

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Build Scientific portofolio for college application.

Gain experience working and networking with research groups in universities and other research institutions.

Obtain pre-college or college level specialized skillset and knowledge.

Synergy with the IB program and its philosophy.

Learn and practice how to write and publish scientific papers.

Experience what it takes to develop real systems and apps.

Opportunity to participate in conferences or competitions.

Practice and improve effective learning and panning habit.

Benefits of joining ASA.

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