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A Passion Avenue For Science

ASA student was doing their project

Welcoming New Applied Science Academy Applicants! 

A Passion Avenue for Science

SPH Applied Science Academy Registration Form

1. Register by filling in this form and submitting it before June 25th, 2023

2. To complete your application, you will need to send an essay through email that includes:

  • your reason for joining SPH Applied Science Academy

  • explanation of two topics of your interest and why you find them interesting

  • The essay structure of each topic includes:

    • brief introduction,

    • other research conducted by other people regarding the topic: What has other people do up to date regarding this topic?

    • the result of their research: What problems do they solve?

    • what you propose to do in the Academy. Your thoughts on what you think you can improve or do differently and how would you approach it.

 ​Format: Arial, size 10, single spacing, minimum 1 to 2 page. You may use more pages as desired.

 Attach word/pdf file and send to:

3. ​There will be an ONLINE interview and presentation session, which will be scheduled by appointment with ASA director.

  • The interview and presentation session will take 30-45 minutes.

  • Create a presentation based on two topics of your interest that includes the same structure as the essay you have prepared.  

  • Each topic will be presented for about 10 minutes.

Science Subject of Interest (tick all that applies)
General Topic Areas of Interest (tick all that applies)

Application Steps:

Registration Timeline

May 15

June 25

July 31

August 11

Form & Essay



Selection Process

(presentation and interview)


of accepted


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