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Introduction and Objective

Companion is an app that is safe for teenagers to reach out and communicate about their feelings for free. This app is a great way and opportunity for them to have someone by their side while remaining anonymous (as some would feel uncomfortable revealing who they are). The name Companion itself is to make the user feel as if they’re not consulting with a doctor, but more to communicating with a friend or someone they trust a lot.

It is important to take the first step by reaching out for help and to accept what’s going on.


Mental health plays an important role in everyday life. It is important for teenagers specially to balance and prioritize their mental and physical health. At this age, some are struggling to understand, explore, and accept their feelings and problems. It’s difficult to find the right place and person to talk about those problems. This is what Companion is aiming for. People are able to tell share their stories, feelings, or problems better when they are anonymous, as this is to reduce the feeling of being judged.


Figma is used to create the app’s prototype. It is the first step in creating the whole application itself. After the prototype is done, then it can be moved to flutter for the back-end development.

Two separated application

The application is duplicated into two: one for the doctor and one for the user. This is done to reduce further clash during the process if both the doctor and user interface is combined into one.

App Features:

-Sign in and data : users are able to fill in personal data such as name, age, gender, profile picture, etc and can also update them too.

-Consult: The user must schedule a meeting to consult (chat) with the doctor. This also allows the user to see the profile of the doctor and get to kknow them a bit before choosing which doctor they would most likely feel comfortable with to talk with.

-Chat: The chat feature is where communication between the doctor and the user has. However, this is still in display form and is yet not still developed yet.

-Consultation Journal: The doctor can write notes for the user. The notes serves a purpose to help the user to be reminded again what they should and should not do – according to the user.

Airtable to Bravo Studio

  • Airtable is connected to Bravo Studio as it stores the data such as User ID, Username, Age, Gender, etc. When a person signs up and inserts their data inside the app, it will automatically be saved and stored in the Airtable.

  • The Airtable must be made first as a template and layout before connecting it with Bravo. The code or script is given out through Airtable in API documentation which then would be copy and pasted into the Bravo API collections.

  • To create a User Id, I used ${}, while gender ${gender}, and so on.

  • In the Bravo API collections, there is POST, GET, and PATCH. POST is simply where the user uploads their data. PATCH is where the user updates any changes to their data. GET is the data that the user will see when viewing the app.

Figma to Bravo

After designing the application layout and design in Figma, it is then linked to Bravo. Bravo Studio is a platform that provides the facility for people to build apps without having to code.

The API collections is then used to help for data binding in Bravo with the layout or template that has been designed in Figma. With this, users are able to fill in the information needed which will then also be recorded in the Airtable.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The use of Figma, Airtable, and Bravo Studio is enough to build an application easily without coding. From personal knowledge and application so far, the application is capable to function properly: log in, sign in, fill data, update data, add journal, delete journal, add profile picture, update profile picture, and buttons. Future outlook is to implement the chat and call features in order for this app to execute its main purpose.

Companion is a mental health application for students. The app aims to point and provide students with proper care and safe place to discuss their struggle.

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Companion: Mental Health Application for Students


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