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This study focused on monitoring the Heart Rates of subjects. Two PulseSensor sensors paired with an Arduino Uno was used to do so. Each subject was tested with only one type of reliefs per day. In total, subjects were tested in 6 separate days, one with no relief (to get base readings), one day each for four different essential oil diffusions; Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot and Jasmine; and finally, GABA on the last day of test after consultation and approval from the family doctor (request for official permission is available upon request).


  • 3/5 of the subject had a spike of >=20 BPM

  • Recorded: Subjects reported that they sensed withdrawal side-effects like increased anxiety the day after taking these medicines. Not effective in sedating anxiety attacks due to possible withdrawal symptoms and a lack of effectivity in minimizing subjects spike in heart rate.

As study suggest, most prominent feature of anxiety is a sudden increase of heart rate. This in turn causes muscle fatigue due to the inability of blood effectively reaching all parts of the body and sudden shortage of breath as blood is ineffectively carrying oxygen to organs in the body. Due to these reasons, the body can be subjected to mild or heavy fatigue rewarded to the flight or fight response inherent in our body.

Although GABA medicine are the go-to for anxiety relief, its sedating affects are outweighed by dependencies and withdrawal symptoms that causes it to be branded as unpractical. With doing the worst in minimizing heart rate spikes, GABA has been deemed to be an ineffective solution to anxiety. However, natural options such as Lavender and Chamomile have seen practical uses as subjects

showed better responses to the anxiety-inducing experiences.

In this work, Jonathan Sudarpo is testing the effectiveness of a common pills given to person who experiencing anxiety called Gamma-Aminobutyric (GABA). He suggest another way to reduce anxiety without consuming GABA using essential oil which could promote secretion of serotonine and dopamine.

Study on Effectiveness of Natural Anxiety Relief


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