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The use of water especially drinking water is essential for life. Water desalination technology is an important area of research. Sea water is in abundance around the world. However, generating drinking water for the sea presents great challenge. In this research, I attempted to optimize desalination process using peltier device, where I utilize both the hot and cold sides to evaporate and condense which generates distilled water. In addition, I also tested the possibilities of using hygroscopic salts to absorb the ambient moisture as the source of water. The system is divided into 2 compartments, first is the salt compartment and the second is the condensation compartment. A slant roof and air holes are strategically positions to optimize the system. The performance of the system is evaluated at various roof slant angle as well the possibility of generating drinking water from ambient moisture using hygroscopic salts.


  1. Further research on distillation technologies with low power consumption are still needed.

  2. Further research on peltiers to maintain a temperature gradient is still needed.

  3. Difference in the temperature gradient between the evaporation and condensation chamber affects the volume of harvested water.

  4. Changes in the slant angle of the water harvester alters the volume of harvested water, as seen in the graphs, the two variables are proportional to one another.

  5. Calcium chloride is effective in keeping moisture.

  6. Potential finding of optimal vibration used in encouraging droplet movements will help significantly.

  7. Ideal operation of the system is to identify the pulses of heating and pumping since droplet formations are a slow process and as much power is wanted to be saved.

  8. PLA and Silicone surfaces have difficulty in forming droplets.

In this work, Darren determined to optimize desalination process using peltier device to obtain more fresh water.

Optimization of Automated Salt-Based Moisture Harvester System


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