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A Passion Avenue For Science

Being able to imagine a keyboard that will be able to be used anywhere at anytime. Using Python OpenCV, Timothy attempted to create a keyboard that is entirely made of paper.  This “wireless” keyboard was created under the notion of machine vision learning. The motivation of this project was that he wanted to build a keyboard that was invisible and silent. He tried to create an invisible keyboard through detecting and calibrating finger sizes but users will also not be able to know what they have typed. 

Through this Timothy implementing Computer vision and Machine learning to build the interface that will be used as the keyboard itself. This will show the ability of Machine’s learning and training through trials and limitless usability of OpenCV.

Object Detection

  • Object Detection is computer technology related to computer vision and image processing that deals with detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class

  • Concept of Object detection is using Machine vision learning to identify objects

  • Objects displayed are identifies the training module before hand

  • Object detections requires training

  • Includes face recognition and pedestrian detection.


Highlighted (red) area [see figure] are used to identify where the paper is and it’s orientation. Through comparing the seen corners and the actual corners, OpenCV python is able to reshape what was a disoriented corner to make it into a full square corner. The corners are marked in the first part to call on the function before reading.

Highlighted (blue) area [see figure] is used to scale the paper to the size of intention, and in this case I made it into an A4 paper since it’s most commonly found in households.

Future Outlook

Timothy plan to advance this development by creating the flatboard entirely virtual. Having to carry a piece of paper is unreliable due to the weak structure of paper. He plan on developing the project by creating an AR (Augmented Reality) keyboard that is visible through mobile device or camera screen and will be able to be used when typing. Limiting everything we need to one thing. Also he eager to develop the cleanliness of his code, decreasing bugs and glitches while also enhancing accuracy of capture and understanding.

In this work, Timothy eager to be able creating a keyboard that can be used by anything that has a camera on it and a piece of paper.

Flatboard – Foldable Paper Keyboard


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