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Amongst the frontrunners leading the world’s transition into renewable energy is Indonesia, a nation blessed with bountiful resources and other minerals that supplement certain forms of renewable energy. Considering that the country has the highest energy demand among the ASEAN members and that the nation’s energy and electricity significantly consists of fossil fuel resources, Indonesia would greatly benefit from exploring alternative energy sources. Asides from having great solar (frequent sunny weather) potential, Indonesia would also find value in exploring wind and hydro energy options due to having certain natural advantages (minerals to develop equipment, viable rivers, etc). The focus of this investigation is to develop a tool to harvest oscillations from winds, waves, and other sources and, with the collaboration of magnets, generate energy.

Conclusion and Future Work

  • The prototype generates up to ~ 24V peak to peak voltage.

  • The positive voltage and negative voltage are stored in two separate series supercapacitors, storing up to ~10 V each in theory.

  • The supercapacitor can be charged at a rate of ~25 mV per 4 cm pull.

  • As extension, we can utilize micropower step up module to capture the lower voltage oscillations.

  • Currently, the design works only in 2 directions. Omnidirectional design is possible and would enable more efficient energy harvesting.

This project is about wind energy technology that is worth investing research and time in purpose of finding a promising renewable energy.

Development of Transport Robotic Vehicle with A* Path Finding Algorithm

This project is about exploring the concept of pathfinding algorithms in search of possible avenues of practical applications. I also was personally interested in exploring the raspberry-pi and the field of computer science at a more practical level.

Creating a Prototype of Microturbine Wind Panel

This project is about one renewable source of energy, a wind power which captured through a turbine that convert wind energy into usable electricity.

Developing a Mechanical Wave Energy Harvester


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